Here’s a Map That Shows the Top Tourist Attraction in Every Country

VoucherCloud, a money-saving mobile app, compiled a map of the most popular tourist attractions from each country around the world according to TripAdvisor’s top-rated “Things to Do” feature.

The map highlights the sights to see in 197 countries and is organised into four different types of attractions: historic, natural, religious, and tourist.

However, the map has unexpected surprises: for instance England’s tourists are flocking to the Harry Potter Studio Tour, and visitors in the United States care more about strolling through Central Park than seeing other natural beauties like Yellowstone National park or the vast Grand Canyon.

In Estonia, you are advised to visit the beautiful Old Town of Tallinn.


(You can also see the full map here)

The majority of destinations around the world are natural wonders, closely followed by spots of historic interest. Out of 197 countries, there are:

76 natural attractions
54 historic attractions
38 generic tourist attractions
29 religious attractions


24 beaches
19 museums
13 national parks
9 waterfalls
6 national reserves
6 fortresses
4 castles

Regional analysis points out that Western Europe seems tourism focused, while Eastern Europe is rich in history. The Americas are predominantly natural, along with much of the Caribbean with its stunning beaches. Asia has a solid mix of historic and tourism-first attractions.

Read the full summary spreadsheet of TripAdvisors top tourist attractions here.

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