Why some places attract more buyers and sell faster than others?

Majority of people are looking for a new home and not just a house or a flat while surfing through hundreds of real estate ads. They are imagining cooking in the kitchen, hosting a party in the backyard, relaxing in the living room after a long day at work and so on. So how to make a simple room feel extra inviting?

Although we all have different tastes in decor there are some simple suggestions that can make even an ordinary apartment into someone`s dream home.  

Start by taking a hard look at your place. You don`t have to remodel your entire home if it seems little bit outdated, sometimes it`s enough to make just minor and cheap changes. Start with a thorough cleaning of your house. If you find something broken repair it or consider getting rid of it. Repaint things if necessary –  even an old mailbox can look nice and welcoming once given a fresh look. That is actually one of the first things that buyers will notice.



While cleaning your rooms you have probably stumbled on a lot of different things that you even didn`t remember having. Although personal items can make a space look more warm they can as well distract. For example a lot of family pictures and other little things are making a clear statement about who this house belongs to and might make prospective buyers feel like they are trespassing. Too much furniture will make space look smaller than it actually is, so get rid of the unnecessary clutter and let the room show its potential.



When your home is clean and ready to enter the market, ask a professional to make photos for you. First information about the property usually comes through the pictures we see on websites. Especially if your property doesn`t have any special features that catch the eye immediately – the simple things, like proper amount of light and well adjusted angle of the camera, can make a big impact on the outcome. While taking pictures don`t forget to emphasize the best features of your neighborhood. Give your property the best chance you can to stand out amongst others.



You don`t have to move out while selling your home in order to keep it presentable for the buyer. Just every time you get some interested people coming over, take a critical look at your place. Don`t forget to make your bed, clean the bathroom, make sure your kitchen sink is empty and put some flowers in the vase. People like clean, fresh-looking and -smelling rooms. If you have pets it is best to remove them while potential buyers are looking around – not everybody like animals.




All suggestions above are quite simple  and obvious, but often get overlooked. We are so used to our homes and all the small defects, that you might not pay any attention to the things that might  repel potential buyers. Just take a hard look around, just if you were seeing the place for the first time and turn it into the home that you would like to buy. It does not guarantee a fast sale for sure, but it will give you an advantage over so many other properties on the market.

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