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Statistics: Share of transactions with greenfield developments trending up

In Q3 2015, 9 769 transactions with housing were effected in Estonia. At the same time, 983 units of housing received permits for use. Assuming hypothetically that under the conditions of a stable market the number of transactions effected with housing is roughly the same as the number of units of housing completed, it may be said that 10% of all transactions with housing in Estonia are effected with new housing. (more…)

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Statistics: Issuance of building permits for housing up 53%

According to Statistics Estonia, 1 511 units of housing, with a total floor area of 137 000 m², were issued with building permits in Q3 2015. Issuance of building permits for housing grew 53% year on year, whereas the floor area of housing grew 21%.

The floor area of a mean unit of housing issued with a building permit was 91 m² in Q3 2015. These are some of the lowest levels in recent years. Based on this, it may be observed that building permits are being issued predominantly for apartments, whose floor area is dragging down the mean. (more…)

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