Estonia Enjoys Best Quality Lakes’ And Rivers’ Swimming Water In Europe

Estonia’s rivers and lakes rank number one in Europe for the quality of their bathing water, according to a report by Kristopher Rikken on the English site of the Estonian Public Broadcasting service (ERR).

From 28 bodies of water sampled, 26 were deemed ‘excellent’ acccording to  the European Commission in Tallinn, as published by the European Environmental Agency. This meant a 92.8 per cent ‘excellent’ rate (and the remaining two bodies of water received the next best ‘good’ rating) ahead of Germany  (90.2 per cent) and Austria (83.5 per cent) though the samples from the latter two countries were admittedly far more extensive.

The focus of the tests was the incidence of the enterococci and E. coli bacteria, according to the report.

These results will be a welcome addition to the news reported last year that Tallinn has the cleanest air in the world, no less.

However, Estonia’s coastal waters did not boast such an impressive record, according to the report. Whereas neighbouring Finland had 70 per cent of its beaches in the ‘excellent’ category, with Cyprus, Malta and Greece all enjoying close to 100 per cent records, Estonia saw 44 per cent of its beaches falling into the top range. Neighbouring Latvia had a similar rate at 43.8 per cent, the report stated.

These results, at least in the case of two of the beaches (at Pärnu and Pedeli) that received a ‘poor’ rating may be tempered by the fact that short term pollution events had happened shortly before the readings were taken, and also bad weather may have had its influence; in any event there have been no beach closures, according to the report.

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