The history of tourism in Tallinn during the Soviet Union

This is how tourists and visitors were guided and informed during their visit to Soviet Estonia! The nostalgic Tallinn.

Learn or just enjoy this exciting and historical material through pictures and texts. They bring you back to Tallinn as it once looked (or, even more interesting, how the guides wanted Tallinn to look!).

The materials come from from authentic tourist guides produced and released between 1935 and 1991.


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Places To Visit In Estonia And Travel Tips

Estonia is an authentic experience: what to know before visiting this country

Estonia is a country with a rich history, diverse culture and many experiences waiting for the travellers.  Throughout the history Estonia has adopted different traits from the neighbouring countries, thus forming a unique destination in the Baltic area.  This country has topped several travelling lists by the quality of experience, thus here are some local tips and advice to help you discover Estonia from a different angle.


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Exotic escapism in Estonia

Estonia has shed its reputation for rowdy hen and stag parties and has been replaced by cool art-house festivals and adventurous outdoor pursuits.

Around a decade ago, Estonia’s reputation in travel circles was for rowdy stag and hen parties, and the low-cost flights that delivered them.

Today, things are very different: air fares to the Baltic country might remain a bargain, but the stewed revellers and their numbered T-shirts now carouse elsewhere.

In their stead have come art-house festivals and eco-spirited outdoor adventures, plus a clump of voguish places to stay. In short, Estonia has gone cool.


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EU provides €1 million for Tallinn-Helsinki tunnel feasibility study

The feasibility study must find out whether it pays to build an undersea tunnel, what are the technical options in construction of the tunnel and the project’s potential impact on the environment. Safety issues will be examined, along with expected profitability, and alternatives such as developing ferry traffic will also be looked at.

This study is the first to be conducted on the state level and will focus on the tunnel’s socio-economical effects and geological analysis. The feasibility study is expected to be completed by February 2018.


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Narva Highway becomes Tallinn Main Street – detailed plan announced

The Tallinn Main Street design contest winner has been been declared. In three years, according to the plan, the fresh concept will alter the face and ways of the heart of Tallinn.

The winner of the Tallinn Main Street design contest is «Kevad linnas» (Spring in the City) with the accent on creating a humans based space and bringing back the legendary, almost lost Bastion belt.

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Race To The End Of The Earth

Race To The End Of The Earth at Seaplane Harbour

Back in 1911 two men, Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen and British Navy officer Robert Scott were determined to conquer the South Pole. What had started as a personal ambition to reclaim the South Pole for their respective countries, suddenly turned into a race when they found out about the plans of the other.

The exhibition Race to the End of the Earth, currently open at the Seaplane Harbour, is a fantastic journey through the remarkable attempt of these two people and their teams to make it to the South Pole. (more…)

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Check out the best restaurants of 2015 in Estonia

Estonia’s best restaurants of 2015 were selected by 30 experts (12 from Estonia and 18 from abroad).

Each restaurant was evaluated repeatedly at different times of the day. Half of the evaluators were from Estonia, half from elsewhere.

The evaluators visited the venues incognito. Each of the evaluators decided for themselves, what to order, and covered the bill.

The methodology used for the evaluation has been developed over the years by the Swedish restaurant guide called “White Guide”. The greatest number of points a restaurant can be assessed with is 100.

  • Food can get a maximum of 40 points (17-21 satisfactory; 22-27 good level; 32-35 distinctive cooking, local master class; 36-40 illustrious cookery, international master class).
  • Beverages can be assessed with up to 20 points (8-10 fair; 11-13 good; 14-17 distinctive selection and serving, a local master class; 18-20 an international master class).
  • Service peaks at 25 points (8-12 fair; 13-17 good; 18-22 local master class; 23-25 an international master class)
  • The maximum score for the milieu is 15 (5-7 neutral; 8-10 equivalent to the rest of the thrills; 11-13 provides additional value to the rest of the thrills; 14-15 is by itself worth visiting the place) .

The results devided restaurants to 4 categories. (more…)

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